After­mar­ket & Spare Parts

The aftermarket industry supports two types of clients: The first is OEM and Tier-1 suppliers; the second is the spare part or maintenance divisions across various industries such as oil and gas, rail, aviation, and telecommunications. Many companies in this industry consider it to be a strategic competitive factor, a source of profit or simply a cost of doing business.

Trends & Challenges

  • Redesigning networks and facilities with a focus on ideal stock allocation due to smaller, more frequent, or time-sensitive shipments.
  • Dramatic growth of e-commerce leads to higher service levels, e.g. same-day-delivery, and increased inventory levels.
  • Development of new and more complex service products and their pricing.
  • Adaptation of new IT landscapes, such as 3D printing and industry 4.0 in service supply chains, visibility processes, and systems.
  • Increased focus on reverse logistics, disposal and re-selling processes.

Miebach & Aftermarket and Spare Parts

Diverse supply chains are complex and multi-staged organizations which must be designed, built, and managed effectively.

Miebach Consulting provides manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors with cost-effective customer-oriented parts management with the best availability, short delivery times, and high flexibility. Clients can realize new revenue potential with high margins, and secure customer loyalty at this crucial phase of their product experience.

From design of central spare part facilities for drilling operations to inventory visibility and network improvement for telecom companies, our experience supports clients who don’t see spare parts as just a revenue stream, but as an essential component of the field organization.

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