Fash­ion & Ap­par­el

Fashion and apparel is constantly evolving and changing. The same thing is true for logistical trends in the industry. Yesterday's visions are the drivers for today's actions: Same day delivery or on-time scheduled deliveries demonstrate the dynamic nature of the market. e-commerce, omni-channel, and increasing return rates create a complex environment in which excellent logistics prove to be a decisive competitive advantage.

Trends & Challenges

  • Linking e-commerce and fixed retail locations results in new distribution structures and optimal inventory levels at the point-of-sale and in DCs.
  • Mobile commerce increases cross-channel distribution and intensifies demand for flexible, quick logistics systems.
  • Increased use of IT systems in logistics and the application of new cloud technologies require new IT architectures.
  • The escalation of automation in logistics must be coordinated with the increasing customer demands around selection, speed, and availability.
  • More transparent supply chains in order to be proactive to events upstream.

Miebach & Fashion and Apparel

The success of a company in the fashion and apparel industry depends on its ability to confidently master the logistical demands it faces. Well thought-out supply chains guarantee the ability to continue serving clients, even in unpredictable markets. As consumers continue to increase their pressure on the system, companies must increase their rate of evolution. Our portfolio of projects, from luxury brands to lifestyle companies to accessory focused companies, stretches the range of manufacturer retail, wholesale and pure e-commerce companies. Miebach Consulting is your ideal partner to create innovative and economical solution for this very volatile market.

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Michael Greschke


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