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Thriving in Consulting: How Miebach's Family-Friendly Culture Transformed My Work-Life Balance

02.04.2024 | Written by Alexander Schachowzew, Miebach

The family-friendly work environment

In the fast-paced consultancy world, striking a balance between career ambitions and personal life can be challenging. However, as I reflect on my work-life balance in my almost 5 years at Miebach (especially focusing on the last 2 years since the birth of my firstborn daughter) it has been nothing short of extraordinary. Miebach proves that it is indeed possible to thrive professionally while enjoying a family-friendly work environment.
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Being home in an industry notorious for demanding long hours and high-stress levels, Miebach values a healthy balance of work and leisure time. Additionally, the predominantly family-owned company sympathizes with young families and offers a variety of support options. One option I found particularly appealing was to temporarily reduce my workload to a four-day workweek. In addition to the condensed work schedule I took two separate two-month parental leaves without detrimental effects on my career trajectory. After becoming a parent, the four-day workweek allowed me to strike a balance between my professional and personal life. When addressing my request to my supervisors I received lots of understanding and we quickly aligned on a roadmap to properly prepare me and the team for the change in my working time.

The condensed four day workweek schedule not only provided me with an extra day for personal pursuits in my new family life but also enhanced my productivity during the traditional working days.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

The company's emphasis on results rather than mere presence in the office created a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. I found myself more focused, energized, and motivated to deliver exceptional results within the given time frame. With my daughter now being fully integrated into daycare, the company additionally supports me financially by subvention of daycare-related costs.

Relationships formed with colleagues

A crucial aspect of any workplace is the relationships formed with colleagues and managers. They played a pivotal role in shaping my positive experiences. My supervisors’ understanding and empathy towards family commitments created an environment where employees felt valued beyond their professional contributions. The open lines of communication and approachable nature of the management cultivated a culture of trust, enabling me to discuss challenges and seek guidance without hesitation. At Miebach there is an emphasis on a collaborative and supportive culture within the team. Colleagues were not just co-workers; they became friends who share common values and understood the importance of work-life balance.

The family-friendly policies at Miebach allowed me to focus on career development without compromising on family priorities. The company’s commitment to continuous learning and professional advancement was reflected in the numerous opportunities provided for skill development and career progression.

Prioritizing Work-life Balance

Miebach’s family-friendly approach goes beyond individual employees; it contributes to a larger societal shift in work culture. By prioritizing work-life balance and supporting family responsibilities, the consultancy sets an example for other organizations in the industry. Implementing these policies leads to a more inclusive and equitable professional landscape, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

As I reflect on my nearly five years at Miebach, I'm filled with gratitude for the enriching experiences and support I've received. The positive impact on my work-life balance translated into increased job satisfaction, job engagement, and overall well-being.


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