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Ernsting's family expands Storage and Picking Capacities to support E-Commerce Expansion


E-commerce expansion

Ernsting's family, a leading fashion retailer with a vast network of over 1,900 stores across Germany and Austria, is gearing up for further growth in the e-commerce sector. As one of the largest fashion retailers in the German-speaking world, Ernsting's family is committed to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Their existing storage and picking capacities proved insufficient to support the planned expansion in e-commerce operations. To address this issue and pave the way for sustainable growth, Ernsting's family hired Miebach Consulting to develop and implement a forward-thinking solution at their Coesfeld site.


Miebach promptly initiated action, undertaking concept development, detail planning, and tendering processes as well as conducting data and material flow analysis, and simulating the overall system to identify optimal solutions. Additionally, Miebach integrated the solution into the existing building while also developing requirements for new buildings to accommodate the expanded operations to ensure the seamless execution of the project. With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, Miebach Consulting designed and procured the necessary technologies, including pocket sorters, outgoing goods sorters, conveyor systems, and automated small parts warehouses. By enhancing their e-commerce handling capabilities and introducing partial automation at the Coesfeld site, Ernsting's family is now poised to efficiently manage the anticipated growth in online orders.

Ongoing Realization Phase

The ongoing realization phase has already yielded promising results, with the successful acceptance of the automated small parts warehouse and conveyor technology marking significant milestones in the project's progression. The acceptance of the first construction stage of the pocket sorter had already been achieved earlier.

Miebach has been with us from the early concept phase through to the implementation and project handover. We particularly appreciate the technical expertise, the excellent cooperation on an equal footing and the reliability in terms of accuracy and adherence to deadlines.”, says Bastian Welsing, Senior Manager Logistics Excellence & E-Commerce Warehousing


As the project continues, Ernsting's family looks forward to leveraging the expertise of Miebach to achieve their goals and remain at the forefront of the German-speaking fashion retail industry.


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