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Miebach presents its new brand identity


The new Miebach

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Miebach Group has launched its new brand and is repositioning itself globally. With a new strategy and a complete rebranding, Miebach is positioning as the leading supply chain partner in the global market, without forgetting the legacy of success that has empowered its growth over the past five decades.

The company's new identity reflects its commitment to being the global end to end supply chain partner for market leaders, capable of helping customers to unleash the full potential of their supply chain to empower their entire business. With multidisciplinary and international teams focused on strategy, engineering and digital solutions, Miebach designs and develops resilient, agile supply chains that deliver business value today and meet the challenges — and opportunities — of tomorrow.

The foundation for Miebach’s new visual identity is the triangle graphic, inspired by the 13.56 megahertz frequency of RFID technology that has revolutionized the logistics industry. The new logo remains a word mark of the name “Miebach,” the surname of the company’s founder, but takes a modern approach in its typography and color, while also adding a visual element “M,” angled precisely at 13.56 degrees. Overall, the brand matches the new era of supply chain and Miebach as a company: global, , integrated, resilient, and future-focused.

According to Jorge Motjé, CEO of the Miebach Group,


We are very pleased with  our new brand, with which we hope not only to continue to enjoy the loyalty of our customers but also to become a unique partner for them, capable of covering all their supply chain needs, from end to end, combining a human approach of strategy and engineering with strong digital capabilities on a global scale, without forgetting our concern and  commitment  to sustainability."

For his part, Jürgen Hess, CEO of the Miebach Group, adds that


Miebach is a company that is designing sustainable and resilient end to end supply chain solutions which generates competitive advantages and make the difference. We have several partnerships of different nature to reinforce the capabilities of our own global teams, which certainly gives us a much wider reach. With our new brand we show to the market that Miebach can do more, we deliver bigger promises".

Miebach currently has 27 offices spread over 4 continents and since its foundation 50 years ago it has become the trusted partner to those companies committed to realize the extraordinary potential of their supply chains.

More information: www.miebach.com

About Miebach

27 Offices. Four continents. One focus. Miebach is the global, integrated supply chain partner for market leaders. With comprehensive capabilities spanning strategy, engineering, and digital, a global team, and hard-earned expertise, Miebach builds supply chains for the real-world. Supply chains that reach beyond efficiency, operations, and the bottom line — improving customer loyalty, elevating reputations and meeting sustainability goals. Supply chains that see, think, act, and adapt. Supply chains that bend instead of break. Together, Miebach helps customers unlock their supply chain’s full potential and deliver their biggest promises.

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