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Since 1973 Miebach Consulting has offered consulting and engineering services in the areas of supply chain management, logistics and production. Our clients range from medium-sized businesses to global companies that enhance and expand their competitive position with innovative logistics solutions. The Miebach Group today has 25 offices worldwide in Europe, Asia as well as North- and South-America. With over 350 employees we are one of the leading international consultants in logistics and supply chain management.

News23 November 2021

Launch of urban logistics market survey: how are delivery concepts and cities changing?

Launch of urban logistics market survey: how are delivery concepts and cities changing?

The rapid growth of e-commerce and the related increase in shipments is leading to traffic growth and environmental concerns in urban areas. This results in the need for new urban logistic concepts. The new future-oriented study on urban logistics by JLL, the Research Lab Urban Transport at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (ReLUT) and Miebach Consulting takes a closer look at how delivery concepts and cities are changing under the current pressure to act. "The aim of the study is to identify and investigate new trends from the field of urban logistics. The focus is on the needs of the different players: manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers, and their challenges to implement future city concepts," - remarked study leader Prof. Dr. Bernd Müller-Dauppert, Miebach Consulting GmbH. The study also examines how urban developers and planners are addressing the issue. Here, the focus is primarily on measures to promote more environmentally friendly and low-emission delivery methods. It will also look at how urban logistics affects urban design and the modern cityscape. "We would be delighted if you would also participate in the future study. Thank you for your support!" - Müller-Dauppert said. Study participants will need about 15 minutes to answer the questions. All information will be strictly confidential and will only be used anonymously as a data basis for the empirical part of the study. Link to the survey: As a thank you, participants will receive a summary of the study results upon request. For this purpose, contact details must be provided at the end of the survey. For questions or comments on the study, please contact Prof. Dr. Bernd Müller-Dauppert (e-mail:

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