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Lara Teichert

General Manager at Miebach Orian Consulting in Israel / Principal at Miebach Consulting

Modi‘in, Tel Aviv |

Lara Teichert is General Manager at Miebach Orian Consulting in Israel.

She started with Miebach in 2016, as an Analyst in Germany. Over the years, she played a pivotal role in the development of numerous national and international projects. Lara expanded her horizons by completing a transformative six-month in the dynamic environment of Miebach Argentina.

Lara specializes in material flow engineering, from concept design to seamless implementation and comprehensive training solutions. As part of our global expansion, in 2022 she joined the pioneering team in building a new venture in Israel from the ground up. With 8+ years of experience in supply chain consulting, her expertise remains a beacon of innovation in the industry.

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