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Shifting Gears Into Better Fleet Management (Part I)



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It takes a lot of moving parts and careful maintenance for a vehicle to effectively run—and it takes as many moving parts and as much maintenance for a company to effectively manage a fleet of vehicles. 


This week’s episode is the first of a two-part conversation with Erin Gilchrist, VP of Fleet Management at IntelliShift. For Erin, ensuring the safety, compliance, and efficiency of a company’s vehicles isn’t just her business, it’s her passion, because she knows what’s at stake—not only for the company and the driver, but the people they share the road with. Erin makes a compelling case for why companies of all sizes should buy-in to today’s fleet management strategies and adopt the many measures available to them. 


Join us as we discuss: 

  • How automated software aids in efficient vehicle maintenance 
  • Key considerations for fleet managers when transitioning to electric vehicles 
  • Which industries are being heavily targeted by fleet management evangelists  
  • The value of a company’s commitment to road safety culture 


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