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Jochen Schühle

CEO Miebach Consulting GmbH - Member of the Group Management and Advisory Board

Frankfurt am Main |

Jochen Schühle is CEO of Miebach Germany and part of the management board of the Miebach Group.


In this role he is responsible to coordinate market and capability development across our 7 offices in Europe and Israel.


His experience spans decades in supply chain strategy and engineering as well as leading large transformation projects for our customers across global markets including Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. 


Jochen was appointed CEO of Miebach USA in 2011 and later CEO USA & Canada after he established the Canadian subsidiary in Montreal. He assumed the role of CEO Miebach Germany GmbH and its subsidiary in Brussel in 2020.

Prior to joining Miebach in 2000, he spent several years leading logistics projects for a global automotive manufacturer and worked for a logistics automation supplier.

He holds a degree in Industrial Enginnering from Hochschule Aalen. 

+49 69 273992-0


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