Miebach Consulting was founded 1973 in Frankfurt, Germany. The company’s proven international record of successfully implemented projects and solutions exceeds 10,000. With now more than 500 employees, Miebach is one of the leading supply chain focused consulting and engineering companies.




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2022 | Miebach Consulting enters Forbes ranking for the "World's Best Management Consulting Firms 2022" in the categories "Industrial Goods & Services", "Procurement & Supply Chain Management" and "Travel, Transport & Logistics".

2022 | India (2nd office)

Opening of the second office in India 

2022 | Israel

Opening of an office in Tel Aviv in order to strengthen our presence in Israel


2020 | MANGO received the CEL 2020 Award in the category "company" for developing a global supply chain in the fashion industry – a project in collaboration with Miebach Consulting


2019 | Miebach Consulting Mexico received the National Logistics Prize "Tameme Award" for a project implemented together with its client Cemex, a leading international company in the construction sector

2019 | Miebach Consulting recognized as Best Logistics Brand in the Category Logistics Consultants & Consulting. This is the result of a market survey conducted by the logistics magazine "Logistik heute" and the German Logistics Association "BVL"


2017 | New Location

United Kingdom

Opening of a new office in Oxford (UK) to better serve clients from the United Kindom

2017 | France

Opening of an office in Paris in order to strengthen our presence in Europe


2016 | Benelux

Opening of an office in Leuven in order to strengthen our presence in Europe

2016 | United Arab Emirates

Opening of an office in Dubai in order to better support our clients in United Arab Emirates

2016 |

Implementation of the new website


2015 | Miebach client Unicer honored with “Prémio Excelência Logistica” in Portugal

2015 |

Research project about pick & pack robot technology for logistic center in collaboration with partners from science and industry

2015 | Canada

Continued expansion in the NAFTA-Region with the opening of our office in Montreal in order to better support our Canadian clients locally

2015 | BASF honors Miebach Poland with “Contractor Excellence Award 2015”


2014 | China

Opening of the office in Shanghai (China) to strengthen our presence in East Asia 

2014 | GERMANY (3rd office)

Opening the third German office in Munich 

2014 | Saudi Arabia

Expansion of Miebach presence in Asia by forming a Joint Venture with Xenel Group to support customers in Saudi Arabia

2014 |

Listed as “Great Supply Chain Partner” for second consecutive year by Supply Chain Brain


2013 |

Official partnership with Llamasoft

2013 | Launch of Miebach’s e-academy – enabling further consistency and standardization of project delivery globally as well as continued investment and development of our employees  


2011 |

Miebach client Geberit honored with the “German Logistics Award” from BVL

2011 |

Start of Miebach simulation department to holistically support our customers in planning and optimization


2010 | Peru

Opening of an office in Peru 

2010 | Miebach Consulting changes the brand claim to “The Supply Chain Engineers”

2010 |

Launch of new Miebach corporate identity and design


2009 | Miebach client Würth honored with the “German Logistics Award” from BVL


2008 |

Cooperation with Locom Consulting in the field of tool based network design

2008 | Miebach client Famosa honored with the European Logistics Award “ELA” for their logistics systems, planned by Miebach 


2007 | Miebach client Claas received the “German Logistics Award” from BVL

2007 | Colombia

Opening of an office in Colombia


2006 | Roll out Miebach Group Leadership Academy for management specific training

2006 |

Miebach launches new service General Planning and takes complete responsibility in warehouse implementation (building, processes, IT and technique)


2005 | Launch of the new BMW plant in Leipzig, one of the most prestigious projects of Miebach Group – Miebach supported the planning design from 2001 until the go live in 2005 and beyond


2004 |

Miebach client Tchibo honored with the “German Logistics Award” from BVL and the “German Mail Order Prize”


2003 | Mercedes Benz de Espana honored with the Spanish “Premio CEL” and the European Logistics Award “ELA” for the logistics systems of the new van assembly plant in Spain – the facility was planned by Miebach Consulting


2002 |

Miebach Group is awarded “Best Logistics Consultant” in Poland

2002 | Guatemala

Opening of an office in Guatemala


2001 | Roll out International Miebach Group Training Academy


2000 | Spain (2nd office)

Opening of the second office in Spain 

2000 | Mexico

Opening of an office in Mexico


1999 | Italia

Founding of the Italian operations continuing our growth in Europe 


1998 | Poland

Founding of the Polish operations – continuing our growth in Eastern Europe

1998 |

International Post Logistics Center in Frankfurt setting new standards in size and degree of auto¬matization


1997 | First fully automated DC in Latin America for our customer Supermercados Norte in Argentina


1996 |

Foundation of the Miebach Logistik Holding

1996 |

Extending the Miebach Service Portfolio through introduction of service on Change Management and Training & Coaching

1996 | India

Entering Asia with the opening of Miebach India in Bangalore

1996 | First international supply chain transformation projects for Tata and Mahindra

1996 | United States of America

Entering the North American market with the launching of operations in the United States

1996 |

Implementation of Miebach Group Intranet and Knowledge Management

1996 | Chile

Opening of an office in Chile

1996 | Brazil

Opening of an office in Brazil


1995 |

First projects in Asia


1994 | Argentina

Founding of the Argentinian operations starting our presence in Latam


1992 | Germany (2nd office)

Founding of the Berlin office, after the fall of the iron curtain in order to support the growth in Eastern Europe


1991 | Miebach client Mercadona awarded the Spanish Logistics Prize "Premio CEL"


1989 |

Extending the Miebach Service Portfolio by introducing Miebach Supply Chain Consulting


1985 | Switzerland

Opening of an office in Zug in order to strengthen our presence in Switzerland


1983 |

Design of the first logistics facilities with robot technology for Miebach client Würth


1982 | Spain

Founding of the Spanish office in Barcelona – and thereby start of the internationalization of Miebach Group


1980 | Development of the “Pick, Pack & Check” Technology by Miebach Group which has become an industry standard 


1978 |

Introduction of the partner model. Employees eligible to become shareholders, actively guiding the direction of the company


1975 |

Design of one of the first automated high bay warehouses in Germany for SKF sets new measures in the logistics industry


1973 |

First introduction of Barcode technology in intralogistics for Libri in Hamburg

1973 | Germany

Foundation of Miebach Consulting in Frankfurt by Dr. Ing. Joachim Miebach with focus on engineering and automation in intralogistics