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Next-Gen Logistics: Young Talent Transforming Supply Chains




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In this week’s very special episode, host Ellen Wood speaks with two young supply chain professionals: Sam Nunez, Initiatives Operations Leader for Bounty at Procter & Gamble, and Claire Konz, Supply Chain Consultant at Miebach Consulting. Sam and Claire discuss how they arrived in the logistics industry and what aspects of the world of supply chain appealed to them as they were considering their post-grad paths—as opposed to industries that might be more “top of mind” for today’s young professionals.


Join us as we discuss:

  • How the trend of changing jobs or positions every few years has impacted the supply chain industry
  • The growing importance of continuous education and skill expansion
  • The role of informal training and real-life experiences vs. classroom learning in preparation or work in the supply chain industry
  • AI and automation’s impact on supply chain management roles


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