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Supply chain used to be a relatively niche, siloed industry.

In the wake of the pandemic, whether you’re in the industry or just wondering when those empty shelves will carry your favorite products again…the supply chain is everyone’s concern. That’s why we at Miebach Consulting are excited to be launching Speaking of Supply Chain… the show dedicated to spotlighting the most pressing supply chain issues and the organizations, people, and technology solving them.

Join us as we discuss some of the supply train trends, challenges, and solutions you can expect to hear in future episodes:

  • Why supply chain matters now more than ever
  • The biggest issues facing the supply chain, from carbon emissions in your sourcing strategy to last-mile delivery logistics (and everything in between!)
  • How Miebach Consulting solves supply chain woes — and why we were inspired to launch the show

Episode 6 - The Top Supply Chain Trade Shows and Conferences Coming in 2023

Get ready to mark your calendars - as we make headway into the new year, the top supply chain trade shows and conferences are quickly approaching.

On the latest Speaking of Supply Chain episode, our host, Ellen Wood, shares some of the most exciting upcoming events across the industry. 

Expos such as ProMat and Manifest in North America and LogiMat internationally offer an opportunity to see the latest technologies, enhance your education, and connect with industry leaders. We cover several opportunities for innovative supply chain professionals available at:

Don't miss out on the latest industry trends and networking opportunities. Gain an upper edge by staying on top of the newest advancements in supply chain technology.

Big things are coming to supply chain in 2023. Want to learn more about where you can connect, learn and network in the coming year? Click the link below.




Episode 5 - Creating CoEs For High End Talent in a High Demand Market

Finding the high-end talent that fits your organization is a challenge when the labor market is in such high demand. And it becomes even worse when crucial team members leave…

“A lot of this talent is working on very critical initiatives that have high impact in terms of the organization. So when an individual leaves, it can be very disruptive.” Organizations are investing heavily in COE resources to not just attract these talented workers but also retain them for the long term while also turning to technological solutions to keep the supply chains flowing. 

Our latest episode includes returning guests Isabel Morales, Global Lead for Supply Chain Design COEs at Miebach Consulting, and Andrew McCarley, VP of Global Customer Value Management at Coupa, who discuss how organizations are finding solutions — not just in the high-demand labor market, but also using technological advances to mitigate supply chain challenges worldwide. 

Want to learn more about the high demand in the labor market, how organizations are investing in COEs to attract high-end talent, and a technology solution vs a labor solution? Click the link below.




Episode 4 - Prioritizing the Digital Agenda in Organizations

Over the past few years, companies have jumped head-first into digital transformation, accelerating digital platforms and technology adoption quicker than ever before.

The supply chain was not immune to these changes.

Digital platforms, tools and data infrastructures have enabled companies to create financial business cases that previously had been nearly impossible.

Isabel Morales, CoE of Supply Chain Design at Miebach, and Madhav Durbha, VP of SC Strategy at Coupa, joined the latest episode of Speaking of Supply Chain to share critical insights into how data and digital transformation have created new opportunities for companies to thrive.

Major retailers have utilized data analysis to streamline inventory decisions, cancel orders and solve other major issues. Fortunately, the power of digital transformation isn’t limited to large sellers and big box stores. We discuss how every business — small or large — can find and adopt digital solutions to build organizational success.

Want to learn more about digital automation and the supply chain, the acceleration of digital platform adoption, inventory landscape delays and uncertainty, and more? Click the link below.




Episode 3 - Going Hand in Hand: Supply Chain and Real Estate

The alliance of real estate and supply chain is a lot more valuable than you might think. A combination that, up until now, has been underutilized by industry experts.  

Thankfully, that is all changing as more supply chain companies realize the value in buildings and other real estate options.  

Creating an even more transparent process while filling in the gaps for labor requirements. 

Sophie James, Senior Consultant at Miebach Consulting, and Kate Jones, Business Development Director, Industrial & Logistics at JLL, join Ellen this week to discuss how real estate and supply chain are finally coming together.  

“When we get the chance to explain how this benefits the client, it makes complete sense. There isn’t a real offering elsewhere on the market for this joint alliance. It's saving time, effort and money by having more transparency earlier on in the process.” 

Want to learn more about the value of real estate and the supply chain, creating a more transparent supply chain process in real estate, the creation of green facilities, and finding and filling labor requirements? Click the link below. 




Episode 2 - It Is All Fun and Games in Supply Chain

Thanks to The Fresh Connection, learning about supply chain can be an immersive, interactive experience for anyone and everyone around the globe.

No more boring conference rooms. No more uninspired graphs and charts.

To walk us through how the game operates and how it's being used by companies, Ellen speaks with Hans Kremer, Co-Founder and Director at Inchainge, and Alex Waterinckx, Leader Consulting Supply Chain Planning at Miebach. They share some insights and how consultants are using this to support their clients.

"Supply chain outcomes and success depend on practically everyone in the company and lots of functional departments. It's all about collaboration and communication, which is not rocket science. Give them the experience of how everything is connected so they can connect those dots."

Want to learn more about The creation of The Fresh Connection game, experiential learning for companies, and how communication and collaboration are the key topics to ensure businesses are operating holistically? Click the link below.




Episode 1 - Finding the Sweet Spot for Urban Logistics

Think of all the Amazon packages or food deliveries you’ve had in the past two years – To say that the demand for last-mile delivery services has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic is an understatement!

Increased demand means increased strain on the supply chain. Not only that, but companies are under extreme pressure from their governments to make sure that their practices are sustainable as well. This week on Speaking of Supply Chain, Marius Bungenstock-Siemon, Senior Consultant at Miebach Consulting, and Erik van der Vliet, Senior Director of Business Development Industrial Leasing Germany at JLL, discuss the issues facing urban logistics and how it is impacted by the increase of the demand-economy.

Want to learn more about Q-Commerce changing urban logistics everywhere, the on-demand logistics boom, how no one is alone in solving the post-COVID logistics problem? Subscribe and listen with the link below.








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