How Do I Strike a Work-Life Balance?

At Miebach Consulting, we want our employees to be healthy, happy, and productive. We strive to ensure that the work-life balance is optimal and that parental leave, sabbaticals, and flexible working models are available.Our long-standing belief is that professional commitment and spare time for employees must go hand in hand.  We believe that a company can only be healthy if its employees are healthy too. The nature of our business means that our consultants will have intense project commitments, as well as quieter periods. Because you can expect to travel frequently in the course of your job, we work hard to balance out any heavy workloads. Balancing family and work life is important to us, which is why we develop individual working models that suit your particular situation. Working from home is an option that is available and is a sensible addition to working in the office if the project situation or private circumstances so require. The central locations of our offices also help to maintain a good work life balance. Our offices are easily accessible thanks to their metropolitan locations and excellent transport links. And because of the close proximity to sport facilities, the shops, great restaurants, and lively nightlife, it is quite normal for our employees to establish a strong connection to the city in which they live and work. This also helps our consultants when they are travelling. Our overall principle of short distances facilitates the exchange of information. Working with exceptional colleagues in a stimulating and cohesive environment will help you to build a network for your personal and professional development.



Miebach has been very supportive of my growing family by offering flexibility and understanding of the struggle for work/life balance, which is especially hard in consulting. I think this comes from our team and family like atmosphere in the office. We work with great, good hearted people.

Jessica Williams

Senior Consultant - Indianapolis


After an intense working period in LATAM, the company gave me the opportunity to develop globally. Currently, from the Miebach office in Spain, I am gathering experience working in very diverse markets.

Fernando Zani

Consultant - Barcelona


When working, I really appreciate the variety that helps me to develop. This is reflected in a variety of tasks that we perform in cooperation with colleagues from different study areas for clients from various industries.

Christina Trageser

Senior Consultant - Frankfurt am Main


Supply Chain Consulting is a varied job, however, I also enjoy being able to develop my personal skills outside of work. With Miebach, I have got the balance right.

Jens Burchard

Consultant - Frankfurt am Main


Miebach provides well rounded exposure to various areas within Supply Chain with plenty of opportunities to work across industries and geographies. This broadens one’s horizons and helps appreciate better the nuances of diverse businesses and markets. Experiencing different work cultures by working in ‘multi nationality’ teams is an added bonus.

Aniruddha Aradhye

Senior Consultant - India