Coupa and Miebach Consulting forge global business alliance

Delivering Supply Chain Design and Planning Expertise

International supply chain advisory and engineering firm Miebach Consulting has been named as one of a select few globally capable supply chain partners for global business spend management firm Coupa. This alliance will integrate both firms' digital supply chain design and planning capabilities to deliver innovation and strategic decision-making capabilities for clients. 

As Coupa's largest certified partner in the Supply Chain Design & Planning field, Miebach has become an industry-recognized name across use cases in the sourcing, production, distribution, transportation, planning and inventory areas. Not only does Miebach deploy Coupa applications in our strategic engagements, but we also support clients in the setup, design, and continuous improvement of their Centers of Excellence. Increasingly, Miebach's expertise is used to provide bandwidth support, managed service, and staff augmentation to leverage the Coupa platforms.  As the first partner to successfully deliver custom applications with the platform, Miebach adds value to every client, regardless of their maturity within the platform. 

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Service Offerings

How do we deliver value?

  1. Leveraging our core competency to complete over 100 network design projects annually, utilizing our 50+ in-house modelers around the world. 
  2. Over 60% of projects utilizing Coupa SCD&P products includes establishing or maturing client’s internal Center of Excellence.
  3. Our modeling and digitalization team was the first to build apps in Coupa Supply Chain platform, and the first certified consultancy for DECODE for maturity assessments. 

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If you would like to hear more about this alliance, or would like to speak directly to one of our experts about how we can support you, please contact us.

 Victoria Ma

Victoria Ma

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About Coupa

Leveraging the latest digital enablers, new forms of data, and AI, Coupa Supply Chain Design and Planning, powered by LLamasoft, is delivering the next generation of supply chain design and planning capabilities that empower you to respond to rapid change.

About Miebach

Miebach Consulting offers international supply chain consulting and material flow engineering services in production and logistics, focussing on optimizing the end-to-end supply chain in a technology driven environment. Our customers are medium-sized companies as well as corporate groups who want to improve and expand their competitive position with innovative supply chain and logistics solutions. With 400 employees in 24 offices and more than 600 successful international projects a year, we are one of the leading international consulting and engineering firms for supply chain management and logistics. For almost 50 years we have been supporting our customers with what we stand for: Supply Chain Excellence.