The reputation and capability of any consulting firm rests solely on the shoulders of the individuals with whom the client entrusts their projects.  Below are the highly respected persons who help lead, develop, and guide our teams on a local and global level.



Become a Supply Chain Engineer

Thanks for your interest in a career with Miebach Consulting! The following pages will provide you an overview of development options and professional opportunities as a supply chain engineer. When you work at Miebach, you will stay in touch and help develop the latest trends and make a difference with some of the leading companies across the globe. We look forward to meeting you. Today’s economy does not work without supply chains. The demand for the field of logistics has developed tremendously and still increases constantly. Supply Chain Engineers ensure that projects succeed through having the complete value chain in mind. At work you might create new facilities, introduce lean initiatives, optimize supply chain networks, or re-engineer entire supply chains. We combine strategic with engineering expertise and you decide where to excel. Working with us is highly versatile, as your first project could be at an airport in a cargo hub, at a car manufacturer or at a fashion brand. 

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Miebach Holding

Dr. Joachim Miebach

Founder - Chairman of Advisory Board

Dr. Joachim Miebach founded Miebach Consulting in Frankfurt am Main in 1973, after studying industrial engineering at Berlin Technical University and University of Edinburgh. In subsequent decades, he developed his one-man-company to an international partner-based consulting firm. Many innovative, ground-breaking projects paved the way from dealing with warehouse automation to offering the full scope of supply chain engineering. He is now the Chairman of the Advisory Board, dealing with the long-term strategic development of the Miebach group.

Jürgen Hess

CEO Miebach Consulting Group - Managing Director (Head) Miebach Consulting Germany

Shortly after starting his career at Miebach Consulting in 1992, Mr. Hess became Head of Supply Chain Structures and developed in this business area's international activities. He then successfully led the Logistics Service Provider market segment. In 2001 Mr. Hess was appointed Chairman of the Management of Miebach Consulting Germany, and in 2003 he became CEO of the Miebach Consulting Group. Mr. Hess studied at Technical University Darmstadt, and has international project experience in Australia, China, India, UK, and USA. He is an Advisory Board member of LogiMAT trade fair and a Member of German Association Materials Management Purchasing and Logistics e.V. (BME).

Jorge Motjé

CEO Miebach Consulting Group

Mr. Motjé began his career with Miebach Consulting in 1990 in the Barcelona office as a Project Manager with a specialty in supply chain structures. Between 1993 and 1996 he joined the Frankfurt office and during 1996 and 1998 launched Miebach Logistics in India as Managing Director. In 1999 he came back to Barcelona, holding the position of Managing Director of Miebach Spain until 2011, when he was appointed CEO of the Miebach Consulting Group together with Jürgen Hess. Mr. Motjé studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Barcelona and is also PDG of the IESE Business School. He has international project experience in France, India, Latin America, Portugal, and Turkey.

Miebach Consulting Leadership


Fernando Balzarini

Managing Director

Mr. Balzarini joined the Miebach Consulting team in 1999 as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in Argentina. His experience and proficiency in supply chain strategy, implementation, and people & organizational projects has been instrumental in the growth of the Buenos Aires location. He was President of the Argentina Logistics Association from 2002-2006, a founding partner of the Latin American Logistics Association and President form 2006-2008, a member of CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) and a member of the 3PL International Summit in Argentina.


Marcos Vranjac

Managing Director

Mr. Vranjac is a Mechanics Production Engineer, with an MBA in Logistics and has been with Miebach Consulting in Brazil since 1997, managing the Sao Paulo office since 2013. His professional focus has historically been in concept design and detail design projects, and is now focused in supply chain transformation. His theoretical and practical knowledge in logistics and production have been instrumental to execute several types of projects, from concept design to implementations in various market segments. He has actively participated in several international projects in Argentina, Colombia, India, Spain, and the USA.


Bernard Tremblay

Director Canada

Mr. Tremblay has been with Miebach Consulting since 1995 when he joined our team in Argentina. He became the Managing Director of that office in 2002, and has worked extensively with our offices in South America, being the founder of the Colombia location in 2007. In 2015 he began managing the office in Canada. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University.


Camilo Godoy

Managing Director

Mr. Godoy began his career as a Civil Industrial Engineer in 2000. He received his Master of Science degree in 2002. He joined Miebach Consulting in 2004 in Chile and became Project Manager in 2007 and Senior Project Manager in 2010. Later on in 2011, he took on the role of Managing Director in our Colombia office, and returned to Chile in that role in 2015. His specialty is network planning, DC concept planning, DC implementation, strategy projects and has completed numerous projects in that field for companies in Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.


Dominik Bühring

Managing Director

Mr. Bühring studied Industrial Engineering and Business before joining the Miebach Consulting team in 1996. He has been a Principal since 2002 and began overseeing material flow process projects globally, followed by similar oversight of the mail-order business division. He became a Director in 2005 and took over the Shanghai office in 2013. His professional focus has been primarily in the areas of concept and detail planning.


Moritz Miebach

Managing Director

Moritz Miebach studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg and Edinburgh University. After graduating he worked as a project manager for logistics at the Radeberger Group KG and in cross-company projects for the Oetker Group. In 2014 he started his career with Miebach Consulting in Germany. Here he worked as a senior consultant in the area of detail planning and simulation and was able to acquire extensive project experience in Germany, Italy, France and the Middle East. The main focus of his projects was supply chain planning, warehouse planning, and optimization. Through this he was able to comprehensively expand his knowledge and experience in the material flow simulation of complex systems. In 2018 he took over the management of the Colombian office, where he is managing director.


Dr. Wolfram Süssenguth

Managing Director

Dr. Süssenguth has been with Miebach Consulting since 1992, and has been Managing Director since 1995. He is a graduate of the Berlin Technical University. Prior to joining Miebach, Dr. Süssenguth managed the Production Planning department at the Fraunhofer Institute „IPK“ Berlin. His dissertation was on computer integrated manufacturing. His leadership focus has been Miebach's development in the areas of production logistics, logistics engineering and intralogistics and building up the Berlin office. Today he is responsible for the employee development in Berlin and Munich. Dr. Süssenguth is a member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and The German Logistics Association (BVL).


Carlos Bernadou

Managing Director

Mr. Bernadou joined Miebach Consulting in Buenos Aires in 1993. During his first years in the company, he helped in developing the Latam business, supporting the opening of our offices in Brazil and Chile. He became Director of the Buenos Aires office in 1999 and Partner of the group in 2000. In 2002 he moved to Central America to open our office in Guatemala, where he sits right now as Managing Director. His vast project experience includes work in Europe, Latin America, and North America. Mr. Bernadou’s specialties lie on execution, managing strategic and complex / interdisciplinary projects in the fields of procurement, inventory management and last mile distribution, mainly for retail and consumer goods companies. He has contributed with his skills and experience in numerous international projects for a wide variety of companies.


Nataraja Subramanian

Managing Director

Mr. Subramanian joined Miebach Consulting in 2006 and became a Project Manager in 2008. In 2016 he became the Managing Director of our office in Bangalore. His expertise has been instrumental in the development of warehousing and factory logistics in India for many international companies. He has also led large supply chain assignments in the areas of supply chain design, operations debottlenecking and logistics cost reduction. He is an Alumnus of NIT Trichy and IIM Bangalore.


Alberto Alberici

Director Italy

Mr. Alberici holds a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Milan Polytechnic with a focus on mechanical construction, and specializes in plant engineering. Prior to joining Miebach Consulting in 1999, Mr. Alberici has worked in an engineering capacity for CERN and Givaudan. His expertise for strategy and people & organization areas of the supply chain have supported a number of clients in the Italian market, as well as in international projects in China, Czech Republic, France, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom.


Jorge Ribas

Managing Director

Mr. Ribas has been with Miebach Consulting since 1997, where he began with the Buenos Aires office before moving to the Mexico City office in 2002. He has been instrumental in the growth and direction for Miebach Group since 2005 as a member of the Advisory Board, and his leadership has led to the Mexico National Award for Best Logistics Supplier in 2010. He holds a Master Degree in Nuclear Engineering and specializes in supply chain strategy, customer relationships, and business development.


Jorge Villalta Lara

Managing Director

Beginning his Miebach Consulting career in 2010, Mr. Villalta has executed projects from concept design to realization with outstanding results. Mr. Villalta became Senior Project Engineer in 2012 and Senior Project Manager in 2013. He also has international experience, having worked at Miebach Chile for more than a year during this time. In 2016, he became Managing Director of Miebach Peru, overseeing local operations and leading strategic and concept projects. Mr. Villalta is an Industrial Engineer from Universidad de Lima and has specialized experience in – but not limited to: design of distribution networks, sales and operations planning, concept planning, realization of distribution centers, and supply chain IT.


Marian Jezusek

Managing Director

Mr. Jezusek has been with Miebach Consulting since 1992. He was with Miebach in Frankfurt am Main until 1998 where he was in charge for the concept planning and implementation projects. He moved to the Miebach office in Berlin as the responsible for the projects and opening of the market for Miebach in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2003 Mr. Jezusek became partner of the Miebach Logistik Holding, and in 2009 Miebach opened an office in Katowice where Mr. Jezusek has been the Managing Director ever since. His professional interests are focused around concept and detail planning which he has put into practice for multiple international companies.


Antonio Rodríguez Romero

Managing Director

Mr. Rodríguez began his career with Miebach Consulting in 1990 in the Barcelona office as a Project Manager with a specialty in strategic and logistic conception designs for the fashion & apparel, consumer goods & retail and automotive industries. In 1995 he became a Miebach partner and in 1999 he founded the Madrid office. In 2003, he came back to the Barcelona office, where he has held the position of Managing Director for Spain since 2011. Mr. Rodríguez studied Industrial Engineering at Universitat de Barcelona and he is also PDG by IESE Business School. He has international project experience in Argentina, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.


Rainer Schulz

Managing Director

In 1992 Mr. Schulz joined Miebach Consulting in our German office, where he excelled in strategy and concept design and outsourcing. In 1997 he took on the role as Executive Vice President for the US office, and became a partner with Miebach Consulting in 1998. Between 2000 and 2003 back in Germany he was responsible for after sales services and a member of the management team. Since 2003 he has been the Managing Director in Switzerland. His professional focus has been in the areas of supply chain processes, network design and warehouse process design.


Jochen Schühle

Managing Director

Mr. Schühle came to Miebach Consulting in Germany in 2000, and moved to the US office in 2002 as a Senior Project Manager. He became the Managing Director in 2005, CEO of the US Division in 2011, and currently sits on the Advisory Board. His vast project experience includes work in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Mr. Schühle's specialties lie in the planning and design areas, specifically for automated material handling and the automotive industry. He has utilized these talents on numerous international projects.