Man­u­fac­tur­ing & High-Tech

Successful manufacturing and high tech companies excel due to the high quality and innovation displayed by their products and processes. Success on the global market, however, increasingly depends on having a supply chain focused on unique customer needs and regional features that are flexible, robust, and economical. There are further considerations specifically for the mechanical engineering, electronics, metal, or construction industries.

Trends & Challenges

  • Globalization and worldwide logistics networks change both the way companies handle procurement and the way they supply global markets.
  • Responding to customer needs is increasingly seen as a way to differentiate companies, since products are differing less in their price and quality.
  • Automation and the development of new technologies, such as robotics, allow an increase of efficiency in logistics.
  • Digitalization and industry 4.0 lead to tightly woven cross-linkages between logistics and production.
  • Near shoring is on the rise, since production costs are equalizing across countries, allowing smaller batch sizes to be produced more efficiently.

Miebach & Manufacturing and High Tech

The supply chains of this industry are required to serve customers efficiently and to optimize supply for production from external providers as well as within the manufacturing network. Miebach Consulting has significantly reduced costs for a large number of network design projects with regard to production, sourcing, and distribution, while at the same time establishing processes and IT systems.

From building material to metals or electronics – Miebach develops for you innovative concepts across the supply chain. It is important for us not only having the capability to develop the strategy, but also to carry these ideas all the way through development and implementation.

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