Outsourcing has evolved from a hype or buzzword topic to an integral part of the portfolio of logistics managers. As a result, the interaction between logistics service providers and shippers has become much more professional. However, the growth potential in this industry declines and in-sourcing increases. These are the results of a Miebach Consulting study conducted in cooperation with the Deutsche Verkehrszeitung (DVZ). 250 shippers from different industries and 80 logistics service providers with various orientations participated. This new record participation in the study, which Miebach regularly conducts since the end of the 90´s, shows that the issue has still not lost its relevance. 

The days of rapid growth in logistics outsourcing have passed. 5-10 years ago, more than 80 % of logistics tenders were tendered for the first time - this figure is now closer to 20 %. The shippers have become much more selective in the contracting of services, and especially with management functions they tend to insource more. In 2012, around 25 % of participants answered positively to the question of whether they insourced again, in 2014, this rate increased to over 40 %.

Future growth is to be expected especially on a transnational level. Shippers tend to use more services in the international environment than on a national basis. This is an indication that globalization provides the environment for growth opportunities in logistics outsourcing.

"It is obvious that the outsourcing euphoria of the 90s and 2000s has given way to a much more rational point of view. The professionalization both on the part of service providers as well as shippers is an overall benefit for the industry. The interesting question will be whether new outsourcing potential can be developed on the basis of these changing conditions, or if the market will increasingly stabilize at current levels. "- Dr. Klaus-Peter Jung, member of the Executive Board, Miebach Consulting GmbH. 

The study report (in German) can be obtained from Miebach Consulting GmbH. Contact via: hoffmann@miebach.com