Alnatura celebrated the topping out of the world’s largest wooden high-bay warehouse – along with partners on the project, politicians and customers. The impressive building will be commissioned next spring. Made completely of 5,000 cubic meters of wood, the high-bay warehouse highlights the topic of sustainability in logistics in an unprecedented manner and meets the latest ecological standards. Thanks to prime insulation and a ground floor that is 2.50 meters below the ground, the new facility does not even need heating or cooling, and is thus carbon-emission free. Eco-electricity, green areas and rainwater aquifer areas combine to create a great eco-balance.
Miebach Consulting has advised Alnatura on the expansion of this special distribution center from the first ideas phase and the subsequent concept planning phase in mid-2011 onwards. Engaged as the independent experts evaluating the general contractor, the Miebach consultants will be at hand through to completion of the warehouse when it goes turnkey in spring 2014.

Expansion necessary given corporate growth

Steady, fast growth made it necessary to expand the distribution center in Lorsch to include the new high-bay warehouse, which can house over 31,000 palettes. “To date, the distribution center only had a wide-aisle warehouse where manual processing moved goods in and out across a surface area of 20,800 sq. m. Other key reasons for the introduction of the almost fully-automatic new facility were the wish to centralize storage and improve availability,” comments Klaus Böhmer, Head of Alnatura Logistik.

Alnatura will be supplying both its own branches nationwide and its retail partners in Germany and Switzerland from its new expanded logistics center: with organic foods from its dry goods range.
Advantages of the new central warehouse:

  • Realizing additional growth
  • Central supplies to branches and retail Partners
  • Process optimization
  • Transport optimization
  • Storage optimization
  • Enhanced transparency