The company responsible for the national postal service of Switzerland, Swiss Post, is setting the course for the future regarding their package processing, investing in the construction of three new regional parcel centers in the cantons of Valais, Ticino and Graub√ľnden. The company is responding to the strong growth in e-commerce and increasing customer demands, especially the expectations regarding the deliveries of purchases as soon as possible.

Miebach Consulting has supported the Swiss Post in strategy development and will also be part of the realization team for the new regional logistics centers.

"The three new regional package centers will meet the most important challenges in a dynamic and evolving package market - acceleration of the processing times as well as an improvement of the services offered. By reducing lead times along the process chain the order processing time window can also be expanded and thus, in the entire network more quantity can be processed." - said Rainer Schulz, CEO Miebach Consulting Switzerland about the project.

The parcel market is growing strongly

In 2016, Swiss Post delivered nearly 122 million parcels, which corresponds to a growth of about 6 % compared with 2015. The main driver of this is the increase of the e-commerce, which at the same time has provoked another increase: the online customers want their packages delivered on the same day they have ordered. This means an increase of the priority packets demands - in 2016, the share of same day delivery surpassed 50 percent for the first time, while 15 years ago it was only 20 percent.

Titus Butler, head of the package center in Frauenfeld and project manager for the project at the Swiss Post says: "We expect continued strong growth in e-commerce. To meet the expected demand also after 2020 completely, we set the course for the future for package processing with the construction of the new regional package centers."

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More information about Swiss Post are available on their website.