Würth Spain, part of the Würth Group, a world leader in the supply of mounting materials, requested the services of Miebach Consulting for the expansion of its distribution center located in Agoncillo, La Rioja,, which will centralize all order preparation activities in Spain.

The project, initiated in July 2015, has consisted in the transformation of an existing facility, designed 15 years earlier as a regional distribution center. The redesign has taken into account the current requirements of business, resulting from the process of centralization of activities in Spain, as well as the forecast of future enlargements, in accordance with the strategic plan for Würth’s long term growth. The extension designed by Miebach includes the gradual incorporation of cutting-edge technology in the process of picking, verification and final packaging of the orders.

Specifically, the project included the construction of a new building for the receipt and dispatch of goods, as well as an automatic warehouse with capacity for more than 15,000 pallets, including an area for full case picking. Additionally, the existing order preparation line has been significantly remodeled, increasing its production capacity and including the automation for processes of verification and sealing the orders.

The project developed by Miebach Consulting has also included the transformation of the Master Plan of the Distribution Center, with new facility access for both staff and inbound trucks, as well as new parking areas on the property.

This expansion of the Agoncillo facility will allow Würth to manage the expected growth in the upcoming years with a significant improvement of customer service.

If you’d like to read more about Würth Spain, you can visit their website at http://www.wurth.es/empresa