Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine has released their 18th Annual List of Pros to Know, and Miebach is proud to share that Jochen Schuehle, Managing Director of Miebach USA, is included among these esteemed supply chain professionals.

It is essential that supply chain leaders today are able to quickly respond to changes and adapt to changing global economies. Since 2000, SDCE has singled out and recognized these leaders as their Pros to Know.  This year, more than 400 nominees were carefully reviewed to identify the finest leaders in the field of supply chain.

“Our Pros to Know list is one of the most valuable for supply management practitioners and executives because it provides a benchmark for what your colleagues and peers are accomplishing,” remarked SDCE editor John Yuva in his executive memo. “Look to our Pros as a source of inspiration and motivation as you embark on new endeavors.”

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