Miebach Consulting, one of the world’s leading consulting companies for supply chain management and intralogistics, will give a speech at ACHEMA; the leading international fair of the process industry. Achim Sponheimer, Head of Pharma & Life Sciences, will present the topic “Disruption ahead in the pharma supply chain!” at 10:50 am during the session “PRAXISforum: Chemical and pharma logistics” on June 12th 2018. Further information about this forum can be found here

ACHEMA takes up the increasing importance of logistics by expanding into areas such as intralogistics, material flow, traceability, temperature-controlled transport and supply chain management. 

Miebach regards the development towards a cross-linked and transparent supply chain as one of the key challenges for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. “Traceability of products will become more and more important within the supply chain. At the same time, many companies are still unable to get a clear picture of the current sourcing and distribution processes at the push of a button. Yet, this clarity is often required to respond flexibly and in time to difficulties or delays in the supply from other sites”, says Achim Sponheimer. 

Over and above that, far-reaching requirements for planning pharmaceutical warehouses are necessary to ensure smooth procedures regarding production logistics, storage and order processing. Additional criteria need to be observed for warehouse and material flow planning for pharmaceutical companies in contrast to conventional warehouses. As from the beginning of the planning, all components have to be qualified if not validated, especially with respect to hygiene zones, climate control, monitoring of storage conditions (regarding temperature and humidity) but also regarding (physical) access control and changes in the process from and to production”, Sponheimer continues. 

Also, the chemical industry which used to disregard logistics as a possible area of optimization now perceives it as success factor. “Increasing competitive pressure, rising price sensitivity of customers, a shift of procurement and sales markets, increasing safety and security rules have lead to new challenges for the logistics of chemical companies - and will continue to do so in future. Chemical companies suddenly focus on logistics costs and services, as it is now a matter of managing them actively”, says Dr. Klaus-Peter Jung, Head of Chemical Industry at Miebach Consulting. 

Information about possible solutions for the adaption of the supply chain and logistics to the changing market and customer requirements - e.g. the achievement of supply chain visibility and process excellence in the warehouse – are available on Miebach’s website. Moreover, for individual inquiries, feel free to contact us via E-mail at vertrieb@miebach.com or via phone +49-69-273992-0.