In line with the development of new sales and distribution channels the retailer Falabella Argentina decided to optimize its distribution center located in Benavídez (Buenos Aires area). Miebach Consulting Argentina supported Falabella from concept planning to implementation.
Within the 17,000 m² distribution center (DC), the project team incorporated a specific area of 5,000 m² on two levels, designed to meet the logistics requirements of e-commerce orders, also called multi- or omni-channel operations. To achieve this, Miebach Consulting Argentina designed a masterplan for the entire site, and supported tendering and construction in 2013. The optimized DC has been inaugurated on 8 April 2014.
Project manager Martin Layun, director of Miebach Consulting Argentina, states: “Falabella Argentina manages a stable average of 17,000 SKUs, while throughout the year they may reach 80,000 SKUs. With the new e-commerce area, Falabella Argentina is now able to meet future growth requirements in the omni-channel business.”
The e-commerce area consists of a mezzanine on two levels – the area is equipped with a conveyor belt with five picking stations. Picking is done in plastic buckets which are conveyed to the packing station. There, packing in cartons for distribution as well as customizing is done (eg. adding cards, ribbons or decorations). After that, the carton will be automatically classified for shipping (12 outputs) or will be conveyed to an area of consolidation (e.g. if the order combines a small product from this picking area with a large one, from a different area).
The order can be delivered directly to the customer's address, or will be transported to a branch of the logistics operator or to a point of sale of Falabella.
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