The 5th Miebach Theme day Fashion and Lifestyle focused on the worker as success factor. A critical comparative advantage in the Supply Chain of Fashion and Lifestyle enterprises are highly motivated employees and an efficient organization. However, the worker as a success factor for Supply Chain Excellence is often not recognized. The 5th Miebach Fashion & Lifestyle day on November 19th, 2015 was dedicated to this subject and presented strategies and measurements, how workers, technology and organization can ideally be coordinated. A total of 30 participants – fashion retailer and 3PLs - came together to the conference at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel.

“Ideal” organization, launch management, motivators – factors for satisfied and efficiently working employees

How organizational resilience can be used to find an answer to the challenges of the VUCA world (VUCA = volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) was illustrated by Thomas Krebs, responsible for the competence field Supply Chain Processes. The development and maintenance of a, in the sense of resilience, ideal logistics organization must be understood as a permanent management business. This change management should equally take strategy, culture and organization into account. The involvement of employees is highly important, in all phases. “Only joint understanding enables to work on a qualitative difference to the current process state and to fill this with life, even after implementation”, said Thomas Krebs.

Launch management was subject of the lecture of Markus Sauer, Consultant in the competence field People & Organization. He explained in his speech the reason for inefficient and turbulent launches and showed success factors for the prosperous go-live, in the following. He was especially emphasizing the change management and how employees in this regard can be used as enablers for further success. In the following Sauer was examining the customer project MyToys. Here, a successful realization of a lasting launch strategy for the training of more than 600 new logistics employees ensured the service level in the Christmas business.

In her lecture “Is money everything? Employee motivation in logistics”, Irene Wagner, Senior Consultant in the competence field Supply Chain Processes, made clear that employees can be motivated through monetary incentives, however do raises or regular bonus payment only have a short term effect. “For a long term development of the motivation are factors like career options, working atmosphere, feedback culture and participation in target agreements more reasonable and should be considered for personnel management”, said Wagner. When companies decide to introduce a premium system, they need to draw attention to having the employee ratios defined, comprehensible, transparent and accessible.

Near Time Fulfillment at Peter Hahn, optimized personnel deployment through simulation

Gerhard Krauth, head of the logistic department, gave, in the user presentation at Peter Hahn, an overview of the project “Near Time Fulfillment” (NTF) to maintain the economic growth. Core of the project was the optimization of the order management based on adaptation of the flow of material through simulation. The conversion to an online invoicing (printing on demand), the print of picking labels and invoices at the place of packing, as well as a consistent invoice layout were further control levers for the implementation of the NTF-Strategy. The way the simulation helped the order management, as well as the personnel planning at Peter Hahn precisely, was described in the following by Kamel Klibi, head of the competence field simulation. With “just one press of a button” all responsible logistics employees receive information about the current and  prospected occupancy of  e.g. the commissioning or packing department and can react faster to personnel bottle necks or idle times.
User Gerhardt Krauth about the advantages of the introduced tool: “The simulation model enables us to plan precisely and control the personnel deployment pinpoint. Thereby we can optimize our labor cost in the logistics center Winterbach and reduce downtimes.”

Timo Willberger, Sales Manager Fashion, drew a conclusion at the end of the event: “Only through appreciation and mindfulness towards their employees, companies can, in times of Industry 4.0, place the quality at the market and at the customer and thereby generate real competitive advantage”.

The 6th Miebach Fashion and Lifestyle-day is planned for November 17th, 2016. Further information can be retrieved from Timo Willberger.