Design and Implementation of GOH Expansion

Case Study: Fashion and Apparel

Following a refreshed capacity analysis, this Luxury Fashion Retailer was ready to maximize their DC capacity after identifying capacity gaps and a recommended solution for short-to-medium term results.  Furthermore, they wanted a Goods On Hanger extension design compliant with current and future storage requirements, a fully managed project from concept through installation and Go-Live, and identification and mitigation of risks in order to ensure timeline adherence for the successful implementation of a three-level GOH tower expansion.

From Concept to Go Live in Under 1 Year

Miebach completed a full capacity analysis of the North American distribution network and evaluated short and long-term alternatives. The building expansion option selected was due to the lowest overall risk and quick implementation time of 7 months. Stakeholder alignment was challenging at first due to competing objectives and ownership of specific responsibilities and actions, requiring an independent perspective. Miebach developed implementation solutions that resolved these issues including a comprehensive RACI that gave full visibility into project action items, delivering accountability and traceability among stakeholders and their teams. Contingency plans were also established, and Miebach maintained an on-site presence to guide and instill transparency for all stakeholders. This resulted in a smooth installation of equipment and software, connecting to existing infrastructure while not disrupting ongoing operations.


The short-term study led to the implementation of the GOH tower to support growth for a 5-year planning horizon with 17,800 SQFT of GOH dedicated space and 136K hanging units. Miebach managed the full installation of the additional storage system to operational go-live without disruption to existing facility operations. This partnership also enabled ongoing operations to continue processing outbound orders during installation start-up through coordination of permitting and construction efforts. Being on-site helped to quickly identify and problem-solve critical issues during system and software testing as well as implementation. Ultimately, Miebach helped achieve a successful implementation and system go-live through managing communication of all client stakeholders.