Remodelling the logistics supply chain

Dirk Falkenreck, European DC Manager, Parker Hannifin shares how Miebach helped increase efficiency, improve customer service and create a 2025 vision.

Written by: Laura V. Garcia, BizClik Media Group

To gain an understanding of the future of logistics, Parker Hannifin completed in 2006 their first centre of gravity study in Europe. Since that time, the company has seen tremendous growth through acquisitions, adding approximately 50% more locations, says Dirk Falkenreck, European Distribution Centre Manager at Parker Hannifin.

The increased organisational complexity drove Parker Hannifin to create a vision for 2025 and identify areas for improvement. With over 60 Finished Goods (FG) warehouses in Europe and a need to simplify, Parker wanted to better understand innovation, optimisation, and how they could leverage robotics to increase efficiencies and improve customer service. 

"We wanted to create a better customer experience and explore the future for our footprint in Europe," said Falkenreck.

The flexibility Miebach showed enabled us to achieve the results that we did.
Dirk Falkenreck, European DC Manager, Parker Hannifin

That was when Miebach Consulting Group and NEBA Consulting jumped on board. "We structured the project into three phases. The first phase consisted mainly of data crunching and assessment of Parker's complex network. The second phase dug into network alternatives to identify potential areas for cost, risk, resilience, sustainability, and network improvements. Last but not least, the third phase consisted of establishing the business case," explained Falkenreck.

"In the end, Parker looked at over 800 scenarios to evaluate all the possibilities in the Parker Hannifin network to capture and commingle all the different possible network alternatives into one final recommendation." After a great amount of analysis and with the help of Miebach in aligning stakeholders, Parker Hannifin reached a final solution.

Falkenreck continued, "There was a very professional approach which I really appreciated. The atmosphere of the project team was just amazing. There was always a willingness to react to demands or changes in the project. As we all know, the journey is never straightforward, there can be surprises, and we get input from here and there. The flexibility Miebach showed enabled us to achieve the results that we did."

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