Create and Sustain the In-house Digital Supply Chain Capability

Digitalization is not only about tools and technologies. Perhaps more importantly, companies need to develop their people's capabilities and expertise to design, develop, and implement supply chain digitalization initiatives. The concept of a Center of Excellence (CoE) is often used to establish such capabilities. A CoE in this context is usually referring to a centralized and dedicated team with focus on leveraging its expertise in a defined scope to improve performance and achieve additional value. A typical digital Supply Chain CoE's scope may include:

  • Network Design
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Data management Infrastructure
  • Engineering Design
  • Transportation Best Practices
  • Transformation Strategies
  • Planning

Miebach's CoE development services help companies to set up the right strategy to advance their maturity level in the CoE based on any starting point, even from 0. We examine the status quo on business target alignment, organizational structure, governance model, technology roadmap, process management, initiative roadmap, and team skills via visits, surveys, and workshops. Then a roadmap covering short term and long-term targets will be developed to bring the client to the desired next level with tangible action items, measurements, and risk-mitigation proposals.

Miebach has been the long-term partner for many large-scale organizations to set up their global CoEs in Production Footprint and Network Design from scratch, and enabled those teams to reach advanced capabilities and recognition from not only within, but also externally from the industries to which they belong. Miebach is also licensed to use the Design Competency Development Methodology (DECODE) and tools from Coupa (previously LLamasoft) to facilitate the maturity assessment and roadmap development.


  • Thorough definition the full CoE structure: strategy, organization, governance, technology, process, initiatives, and team skills
  • Proven methodology to provide guidance to start the CoE journey
  • Identification of opportunities and risks in capability development
  • Bringing high level ideas to tangible action items and road map
  • Supporting the change management for new capability development

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