Digital Design and Complex Decision Making

Supply Chains are more complex today than ever before. With dynamic customer behaviors and ever-increasing supply disruptions, companies are facing challenges to make plans and decisions to keep pace with the speed of change. There is a need to develop complex prescriptive and predictive models, not only to track the historical and current activities, but also to detect trends, foresee the risks, and to allow what-if scenarios to plan for the best path forward. Today’s volatility in supply chain is beyond the intelligence capacity of traditional methods and we apply combined methods under operation research and AI to enable integrated and complex decision making for cost effective and resilient supply chain designs and strategies.

Supply Chain Trends and challenges

Our consultants have been developing Supply Chain designs and decision-making models for decades to advise our clients, and now Miebach also provides services to digitize these models and implement them to our clients' ecosystems to be leveraged to support business planning. Miebach's digital twin models utilize cutting edge data, optimization, and simulation techniques to enable up-to-the-minute representation of your supply chain with intelligent and flexible capabilities to analyze, test, and plan for the future. Typical benefits of combining scenario analysis with optimization and simulation include:

  • Proactive vs. Reactive Strategy Creation
  • Future-Focused Planning vs Historical Analysis
  • Developing Ideal Strategy Alternatives through Robust What-If Testing
  • Prediction of Performance
  • Enabling preventive Actions

The scope of the digital models are aligned with specific customer needs: such as an End-to-End Supply Chain Control Tower, a Network Planning Model, a Facility Digital Twin, or for a smaller scope in the operations and transportation. The Digital Twins and Decision-Making Models can be implemented on a third party platform, integrated with companies' systems, or stand-alone with a central team. Miebach not only offers services to develop the models, but also support the testing, implementation, and the training of the future users. Alternatively, Miebach works with major clients as the long-term managed service company to host the full digital design and decision-making capability as the 3rd party.

Further Information

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