Process optimization and automation Apps

Customer expectations and cost pressures are pushing the supply chain towards a more automated, optimized, and digitalized functionality. Supply Chains are no longer linear, and the ecosystem of business partners needs to be aligned and synchronized. Gaps in visibilities and capabilities across and within organizations should be identified and filled; manual and labor-intensive tasks should be reduced to the minimum so that people can focus on orchestrating the supply chain.

In recent years, our consultants have observed major functionality shortages in the "off the shelf" supply chain solutions, leading Miebach to find ways to fill this gap with our own Smart Digital Solutions. These solutions are fully tailored to customers' needs and can be based on different platforms, including our partners like Bizagi, Coupa Supply Chain App Studio, and our proprietary cloud-based planning and execution platforms.

Miebach not only offers advisory services to evolve your digital supply chain. We also deliver and implement state of the art solutions enabling online visibility, management by exception, decision making based on AI, advanced forecasts, and sensors connected real time monitoring. Our solutions can be both stand alone or connected to companies' legacy systems with high performance APIs.

Further Information

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