Control towers are now on the agenda of almost every company. The need for visibility is growing as the supply chains are getting more fragmented and complex. A control tower not only helps you to see what is happening right now in your supply chain, it also gives an outlook of the planned activities in the next couple of hours and days. It enables proactive actions based on AI.

Control towers can be combined with Digital Process Automation to get a fully digitized environment to control your process execution. They can be applied for transport, warehouses, production, copacking, or a global E2E view. Miebach offers the design, implementation, hosting and maintenance.


  • Awareness: Get end-to-end supply chain visibility in real time

  • Interpret & investigate: Understand and harness valuable insights to identify potential disruptions
  • Predict & anticipate: Utilize advanced analytics such as machine learning forecast models for predictions and prescriptions on future volumes and events
  • Resolve: Perform exception management, scenario modeling, and optimization for best actions forward
  • Execute & Achieve: Accomplish goals through a collaborative intelligent response framework
  • Discover: Continuously learn with configured empirical values and learning algorithms, sense description signals and respond with integrated optimization and automation

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