What is really happening in your complex supply chain processes?

Data is the new gold of the digital age, especially when it’s possible to extract decision-relevant information from the data. All your business processes generate huge amounts of data and digital traces day after day, that are neither analyzed nor perceived, but contain relevant information for operative areas. When will your company start mining this “gold”?

Real life processes are much more complex than planned – but all processes leave digital traces in the systems – powerful analysis tools are available

The standard processes in sales, administration, logistics, and production often seem to be “easy” and well defined. But in the real world, there are many exceptions and workarounds. These exceptions impact throughput-time, personnel costs and financing costs, and quality of the service – time / cost / quality issues are present.

The benefits of Process Mining can range from increased customer satisfaction to the identification of potential for process automation

There are multiple benefits to process mining based optimizations. These relate to improvements in customer experience, particularly through shorter delivery times and faster response times. Furthermore, unnecessary process steps can be eliminated, and workflows can be automated. Finally, supply chain processes can be made more reliable and less vulnerable to disruptions.

But how to approach and how to establish a sustainable process mining for continuous monitoring and control of your Supply Chain Processes? Please see also "Our process mining approach for your success”.


Visualize workflows and identify bottlenecks

Let the system help you identify root causes of problems and ways to transform business processes.

Process Conformance

The comparison of the target process model with the actual process execution - also makes it possible to uncover compliance violations in the process and avoid them in the future.

Optimization of processes over time

Through continuous iteration and monitoring, you can see what works and what doesn't and continuously optimize your processes.

Supplement process analysis with business logic

Use KPIs to identify automation opportunities with the greatest impact. Then measure performance after you have automated.

“We must move from subjective assessment to objective decision making - with Process Mining we finally succeed!”
Customer quote Healthcare Company
“Using process mining to create an automation roadmap is one of the most impactful use cases we have; from finding automation opportunities, to streamlining the process, to measuring the positive impact of automation. We use process mining throughout the automation journey.”
Thomas Krebs, Senior Principal, Miebach Consulting GmbH

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