Smart Digital Solutions

Miebach offers SaaS for our customers for specific use cases not covered by standard Supply Chain Management applications. These solutions can cover a single process - forecasting using AI, Scheduling, planning, dispatching, distributed order management, quality control, management of AGVs, supplier yard management etc. - or the connection of different processes to create a fully digital supply chain.

Our focus is always to solve the client's need as quickly and cost effectively as possible: first by checking for available technology on the market to see if the required capabilities already exist, and if it does not, we look for a customized solution based on predeveloped building blocks.

Maintaining low visibility, segmented, and manual Supply Chains is no longer an option, and off-the-shelf products may not have a good fit - for functionality, time or cost. Miebach's smart digital apps bring a fully customized and agile solution to focus 100% on the specific need of your supply chain with maximum efficiency. Our solutions can be implemented for strategic planning processes, Demand and Supply Planning, tactical planning, and daily operations


  • Customized for the specific challenges of your business
  • Low initial investments
  • Solution will evolve with continuous releases
  • Machine learning and AI enable a proactive approach to potential bottlenecks

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