Through a close connection of production and logistics, overall savings of scarcely 25 per cent are feasible. This is a result of the current Miebach survey, which was performed in collaboration with the specialized newspaper “Produktion”. The survey, about success factors of an integrated production and logistics, questioned 175 producing companies from various industries and of different sizes. The participating experts agreed: cost- and efficiency- potential can only be exploited through integrated collaboration of all parties internally and externally of the enterprise.

The major potential lies, according to the evaluation of the experts, in inventory costs, a typical issue of companies. Further cost savings of approximately 10% can be reached through integrated logistics (Transportation and Warehouse). Even in the manufacturing department, which is highly trimmed on efficiency, can, in collaboration with logistics, yield further potentials. One third of the interviewed persons see more than 5% of cost reduction potential in this field.

Study director Bernd Müller-Dauppert about the results: “The classical conflict of objective between costs and service continues throuout the collaboration of production and logistic. The Production aims to decrease production cost, while facing increases in the variant diversity. Logistic strives for a fast and low-cost shipment at low inventory levels. Success can only be found through a narrow integration of all participants inside and outside the company, when solving these conflicts of objective.

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