Baggage handling is part of the core aviation business of an airport with a long service life of the technical plant. It is therefore important to think in terms of cross-processes as early as the planning stage and to integrate them accordingly.

We use our interdisciplinary ingenuity to develop concepts that meet the requirements set with high efficiency. Innovation often results not only from the use of new technologies, but from new ideas on how to use known and new technology.

You should have answers to these questions:

1. what additional potential exists in your baggage handling system without having to invest in an expensive expansion?

2. what is the problem solving in daily operation?

3. which strategy is the best for the further development of your luggage system?


1) We plan neutrally, independent of suppliers.

Whether it is for multi-stage baggage screening systems or baggage conveying and sorting systems, we put creativity, innovation, experience and energy into the concepts and planning, because this is where you can really save money. So we don't skimp on ideas at the source of project success.

2) We create competition through functional tendering.

The invitation to tender must clearly define the required service so that there is no room for supplements. However, it should also provide room for the various suppliers to introduce the possibilities and innovations of their products.

"Our concepts and designs of baggage handling and sorting systems help make airports work."
Gerhard Beck, Founder suisseplan Ingenieure AG Logistik (a miebach consulting company)

3) We accompany your project until successful start of operation.

Is the required functionality guaranteed by the supplier's implementation planning? Is the quality of the implementation right? Is it done on time and within budget? Does the finished system perform as it should? Does it pass our tests?

4) Project experience and knowledge.

When designing baggage handling and sorting systems, it's not just a matter of having the technical know-how and experience. It also requires the knowledge of how to optimally match the technology to the handling processes.


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