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Culture & benefits


Life at Miebach 


A healthy company starts with a healthy team. At Miebach, we create an environment that supports your personal and professional needs, from a top-tier network to flexible working models.


The Miebach culture


When you join Miebach, you’re joining a community of exceptional people and professionals. Our team is dedicated to creating an environment that stimulates our employees inside and out, from a close office environment to flexible working models and global career opportunities.

Best-in-class network 

We work with the brightest minds in supply chain to transform today’s market leaders, from midsize companies to Fortune 500s.

End-to-end experience 

We facilitate experience across supply chain, from cross-functional teams to careers in strategy, engineering, and digital. 

Centralized office locations

Our offices are centrally located, with easy access and a close work environment that marries local culture with global talent.

Flexible working models 

We adapt our way of working in line with your needs, from encouraging family-friendly hours to supporting fully-remote work.

Global career opportunities

We encourage you to enrich your career by exploring remote opportunities across our 24 office locations around the globe.


Shaped by a shared set of values



Embracing new-world ideas with a fail-forward mindset

Global network boundless opportunity


Balancing corporate complexity with positive impact 

Shared commitment long term partnership


Building a culture of global backgrounds and perspectives 

Quality partners expert solutions


Meeting every challenge with the determination to succeed