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Episode 13

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People in the logistics and supply chain industries are *busy.* We don’t have time to keep up with white papers or write articles. But catching an informative and entertaining podcast is easy.


As we wrap the 1st season of Speaking of Supply Chain with host Ellen Wood, we’re excited to reach industry professionals and service providers across a vast spectrum. We’re an incredibly inclusive and important field — and this podcast is geared toward sharing crucial insights and expertise for all. It’s a platform that allows us to engage with the community and also spread the word about Miebach Consulting Group.


Our guests are at the top of their game and you can get even more amazing content by subscribing to our YouTube channel.


The status of your supply chain matters more now than ever. That’s why we dive into critical topics, from strategies to trends, challenges and solutions. And we’re just getting started. Coming up, we’ll be exploring innovative new technologies, the changing landscape of automation, and much more. 

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Podcast Host

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United States

Ellen Wood

Marketing Manager

+1 317 423-3126

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