Unicer received the (PEL) 2015, which aims to help promote and stimulate the development of logistics in Portugal, providing public recognition to professionals and organizations that contribute to its progress. The award was given to Pedro Alves, Logistics Project and Process Manager at Unicer at the 18th Congreso de Logística de Portugal (Congress of Logistics in Portugal), held in Lisbon, on October 28. 

Miebach Consulting developed the global logistics project plan that Unicer began in 2013, and for which the company received this award given annually by the Associação Portuguesa Logistics (APLOG) and the Logística Moderna magazine.

Unicer is the largest company in the beverages sector in Portugal and produces and distributes beer, bottled water, refreshing juices and wine. In addition, Unicer commercializes third party products. Some of its leading brands are: Super Bock, Carlsberg, Pedras Salgadas, Vitalis, Caramulo, Frutis o Quinta do Minho, among others.

UNICER’s Logistics

The project in collaboration with Miebach Consulting began in 2013 and consisted of three stages: preliminary logistical design, detailed design, tender and technical assistance during the phases of implementation and initial operation of the new facilities.

Unicer has ten production centers spread throughout Portugal and has decided, two years ago, to remodel its supply chain, centralizing beer production and distribution logistics nearby the brewery in Leça do Balio (Porto).

In a first phase, the remodeling involved the expansion of production capacity and bottling, with a subsequently increased flow of full and empty pallets in the production environment. In the second phase, Unicer contacted Miebach Consulting for the realization of the preliminary design of the plant in Leça do Balio. Specifically, Miebach defined requirements for the flows of goods and in-plant traffic, inventory requirements, internal replenishment processes of production, reception and inbound of goods, preparation of orders and consolidation of shipments. Miebach also analyzed and evaluated the technical feasibility and profitability of existing options for the supply and disposal of products of production lines, for internal transport, storage and consolidation of shipments.


Once the solution was approved, Miebach Consulting developed the project in detail and elaborated the specifications for tendering, providing technical assistance to Unicer in the tendering process and drafting contracts for suppliers. Finally, Miebach Consulting supervised the development of the construction project of the new facilities and the development of the functional specifications of the control and management systems.

For more information about Unicer please the company’s website.

For information about the project please contact Anna Serrat.