Grupo Herdez Mexican is a multinational company dedicated to the food and beverage industry which has positioned itself as the undisputed leader in the market, including frozen yogurt. It occupies one of the first places in the category of Mexican food in the United States. Following its recent purchase by the Nestlé Ice Cream division, they asked Miebach Consulting Mexico a proposal for the optimal solution for the integration of its operations, number of locations, and flow storage capabilities, as well as the definition of an optimal operation scheme to manage integrated finished product flows.

Diagnosis of the situation, current flow and the development of support for the closure of operations on the premises of Nestlé before December 1, 2015 served as key inputs to define the best solution for facilities design, as well as the feasibility and adaptations of existing facilities.

The draft layouts were designed to expand the storage finished plant in Lagos de Moreno, and the adaptation of the new Distribution Center in Vallejo, while the operations facilities covered the flow and inventories of finished products from Ice Cream Nestle, from the receipt of production plants, storage, order picking / shipping, shipping to transport customers and distribution. For the operations in the Regional CD Culiacan, Monterrey and Tijuana, cross-docking was taken as the standard to be replicated in the rest of the network. Auxiliary areas, such as yard and closure trucks, battery charging equipment, cold areas, administrative offices, and restrooms / locker were also included in the designs.

During the project, the design supported operations-critical nodes of the national network of distribution of ice cream and closing operations in Nestle facilities prior to the dates involved in the purchase. 

As a result of the project they were obtained the following benefits:

- The number of positions and required capacities were increased by 70%

- 5 locations analyzed with their respective flows and required capabilities

More information about Grupo Herdez on its website.

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