Rossmann maintains their leading position in the drugstore market in Eastern Europe, especially in Poland where it is number 1. The renewed expansion of their logistics and distribution center in Lodz, Poland, is further proof of this leadership.

The expansion project was planned by Rossmann's logistics department in cooperation with logistics planners from the Miebach Consulting office in Katowice, who received further support from the simulation team of Miebach Germany. The project consisted of a nine-aisle high-bay warehouse for the direct handling of drugstore market-specific roller containers. It functions as a dynamic buffer with an integrated conveyor system to the goods-out area for subsequent routing and delivery.

Within the high-bay warehouse which is linked to goods receipt and commissioning, the supply is covered by an extensive pallet floor conveyor, consisting of 40 vehicles for a double roller container handling each.

A dynamic shuttle mini-load system buffers the picked order containers with a sequenced retrieval, followed by a fully-automated loading process into the roller containers in the buffer of the high-bay goods-out area for the final route planning.

The general contractor commissioned for this project, Aberle GmbH located in Leingarten, also provided the Aberle PMS software for a new, continuous IT level consisting of a material flow and warehouse management computer as well as a new system visualization.

With this ambitious project, Rossmann solidifies its market leadership in Eastern Europe.