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Supply chain used to be a relatively niche, siloed industry.


In the wake of the pandemic, whether you’re in the industry or just wondering when those empty shelves will carry your favorite products again…the supply chain is everyone’s concern. That’s why we at Miebach Consulting are excited to be launching Speaking of Supply Chain… the show dedicated to spotlighting the most pressing supply chain issues and the organizations, people, and technology solving them.


Join us as we discuss some of the supply train trends, challenges, and solutions you can expect to hear in future episodes:

  • Why supply chain matters now more than ever
  • The biggest issues facing the supply chain, from carbon emissions in your sourcing strategy to last-mile delivery logistics (and everything in between!)
  • How Miebach Consulting solves supply chain woes — and why we were inspired to launch the show

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United States

Ellen Wood

Marketing Manager

+1 317 423-3126

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