Sustainable Supply Chains & Logistics

Responsibility required to minimize environmental impact

In times of rising sea levels, ongoing global warming and increasing frequency of natural disasters, sustainability and minimizing one's environmental impact are important issues. In addition to the direct impact on the ecosystem, there is increasing social and governmental pressure for external effects such as poor air quality, noise pollution and occupational accidents.

To meet these demands and gain public trust, many companies are forging a new path: Sustainable Supply Chain Management. More than a decade ago, sustainable supply chain management and corporate social responsibility were already at the top of green agendas.The need for change in the supply chain is being recognized and is now leading to action, which increases the urgency of a comprehensive approach due to the complexity of supply chains.

Sustainable supply chains & logistics as a competitive factor

It is not only various political legislative projects that are driving companies to take greater responsibility for ensuring that minimum social and environmental standards are met along their supply chains. The issue of sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role for consumers when making purchasing decisions. Enough motivation, therefore, to deal with the topic in more detail and to exploit the competitive advantages of a sustainable supply chain.

We support you in design and implementation of your sustainability goals

Miebach Consulting supports you in setting up a sustainable supply chain management as well as in planning and implementing sustainability standards in your logistics network and individual facility. Learn more about sustainability in our services or contact us directly for a non-binding discussion about your current challenges.