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Farmacias Chávez implements its Distribution Center in Santa Cruz


After more than 3 years of execution, including difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Farmacias Chávez has implemented their new Distribution Center (DC) in the Latin American Industrial Park in the department of Santa Cruz, allowing them to transform their Supply Chain to leverage growth, improve service, and improve process efficiency.


The company, a leader in the Bolivian drugstore chain market, decided to invest in the development of a comprehensive and transversal project for the transformation of the corporation. And in this important process, they entrusted Miebach Consulting as a strategic partner for the design and execution of the entire process.


On October 1, 2019, led by the CEO of Farmacias Chávez, Leonardo Salvatierra Chávez, the foundation stone was laid on a 7,000 m2 plot of land, to start the construction of a 5,500 m2 warehouse that has 12 mts. of free height, protected by a modern fire detection and fire fighting system, power generator to guarantee 100% of the operation in case of outages, an integral air conditioning system and a refrigerated chamber for storage and adequate handling of products that require Cold Chain. All this to receive, store, and distribute complying with all the good storage practices (GAPs), to support the operation of close to 100 branches.


In this management 2022 we implemented our Distribution Center: it is the largest in Bolivia in the area of pharmacy chains, with state-of-the-art technology and a human capital specialist and in constant training to develop the correct storage and distribution, complying with all the GAP's. It is a milestone for our corporation because we fulfilled a long-awaited dream, in which the support of our partner Miebach Consulting was very important to consolidate this infrastructure that has the capacity to supply 300 pharmacies"


explained Leonardo Salvatierra Chávez.

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Based on a comprehensive Logistics Masterplan, developed jointly in 2018, Miebach participated in the execution of different projects aimed at transforming the company:


  • 10-year strategic-logistic master plan.
  • Design and construction of the new Distribution Center.
  • Process optimization and implementation of new WMS system.
  • Implementation of S&OP methodology
  • Integral optimization of Commercial Stores


After years of effort, Farmacias Chávez was able to reach the goal we jointly set at the beginning of the relationship. Today, the company has a modern DC, with first class infrastructure and equipment, which allows the development of integral processes in an efficient and quality manner.


Farmacias Chávez is an example to follow for many companies, due to its conviction and strength of execution. With a clear objective, and a strong leadership of its Management, they have been able to bet on the Transformation and overcame different difficulties that arose along the way. The final objectives were always firm, and based on the trust in the team and in Miebach, we have been able to work and achieve our goals"


emphasizes Juan Madero, Miebach's Senior Project Manager who supported the project.

The design was developed with a Masterplan approach that allows for the absorption of future business growth, both with internal capacity and with the possibility of expanding the warehouse. It also foresees the incorporation of technology and automation, to continue improving the efficiency and quality of service.


Today, from its new Supply Chain, its Planning quality and the incorporated systems, Farmacias Chávez sets new, more ambitious goals to continue leading and improving the quality of the pharmaceutical industry in Bolivia.


More information about Farmacias Chávez: Link to Farmacias Chávez Institutional video.


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