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Silver Jubilee of Miebach in Brazil


The beginning of a great expansion movement

25 years ago Miebach Consulting made an important decision to start operations in Brazil. At that time, the company had identified the importance of being present in Latin America and, shortly after opening the office in Buenos Aires, started to implement our unit in Brazil. It was the beginning of a great expansion movement in the American continent, which continued with the opening of our units in several other countries, from Chile to Mexico.


The challenge in Brazil was huge: to present innovative solutions and bring our international experience in optimization and automation to a vast market and not fully familiar with the concepts of modern logistics. We started by carrying out projects for our global clients with facilities in the country and, over time, we developed a very important regional and local client portfolio for the group.


Becoming more and more global

We grew along with the market, incorporating disciplines to the Miebach scope of business that until then were not so significant, such as, to consider the complexity of the tax composition in network design studies, as well as specific tax benefits in certain cases. More than that, new variables have become part of the technical environment, like all political instability and unique characteristics of the Latin world, hardly comparable to European standards.


Nowadays, with more than 300 projects carried out in Brazil for more than 220 customers in the most diverse segments of the industry, we understand that our challenges are still wide. We are becoming more and more global, but at the same time even more local and regional. We offer more advanced and digital services, but we are increasingly expertise in the most traditional concepts and technologies.


Allied to our strategic partners, we are able to offer end-to-end solutions, from the definition of the strategy to approach the market, to the real estate aspects of the implementation, going through all the logistics disciplines, taxes implications and systemic and digital aspects.


Finally, our success was only possible through the trust of our customers in the technical capacity of our team. We thank everyone who has made our vision into a reality. Our way of giving back is to be always ahead of the logistics challenges, bringing solutions and logistics excellence to guarantee the success of our customers.




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Marcos Paquete Vranjac

Managing Director

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