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From Silos to Integration: How IBP is Transforming Supply Chain


Episode 11

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Hot acronyms in the business world come and go. But in today’s ever-shifting supply chain landscape, one is absolutely critical for forecasting success.


IBP — integrated business planning.


Alex Waterinckx, Partner at Miebach Consulting Group, and Markus Ly, Practice Director at Westernacher Consulting, join us to discuss IBP and other vital methodologies. What’s so special about this process of bringing stakeholders together? These cloud-based analytics transcend traditional paper-based exercises, destroy silos and integrate the sales and operations cycle with strategy and execution. Markus believes there’s an emerging trend of seeing suppliers as part of the team and embracing network planning.

Since the COVID upheaval, we’ve seen adaptability triumph and become much more risk aware. IBP connects the dots so businesses can add value, clarity, and opportunity. Alex and Markus also dive into SAP’s sleek IBP platform and its efficient, user-friendly, Excel-inspired front end. Familiar routines meet cutting-edge tech to leverage AI-driven data collection for more effective outcomes.

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