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Episode 15

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There is risk in everything we do in the supply chain! Careful planning is what helps to alleviate those risks to provide effective supply chains, especially over the last 3 years.


This week, we’re joined by Miebach Consultants, Daniel Simon and Tim Wagner, to address Miebach’s latest supply chain risk management study, their first since 2019.


This study sheds light on the challenges faced by global supply chains amidst the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. Daniel and Tim discuss the short, middle, and long-term risks identified in the study, as well as the direct and indirect losses experienced by companies worldwide. We explore the primary fears that organizations have when it comes to disruptions and how they can better prepare for the next unexpected event.


Additionally, we explore the emerging opportunities in nearshoring as businesses seek to increase supply chain resilience and how the advancement of AI software can help expand the understanding and preparation of risk management.

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