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Creating CoEs For High End Talent in a High Demand Market


Episode 5

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Finding the high-end talent that fits your organization is a challenge when the labor market is in such high demand. And it becomes even worse when crucial team members leave…


"A lot of this talent is working on very critical initiatives that have high impact in terms of the organization. So when an individual leaves, it can be very disruptive.”


Organizations are investing heavily in COE resources to not just attract these talented workers but also retain them for the long term while also turning to technological solutions to keep the supply chains flowing.


Our latest episode includes returning guests Isabel Morales, Global Lead for Supply Chain Design COEs at Miebach Consulting, and Andrew McCarley, VP of Global Customer Value Management at Coupa, who discuss how organizations are finding solutions — not just in the high-demand labor market, but also using technological advances to mitigate supply chain challenges worldwide.

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