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Miebach will present best practices and insights of the global supply chain Consumer Goods study 2022


Consumer goods study 2022

Two webinars on the general conclusions of the study have been organized: one in Spanish, on March 2nd at 4pm, and another in English, on March 3rd at 4pm. Both presentations will be given by Pank Bedaux, partner and global Consumer Goods leader of the Miebach Consulting group and responsible for the study. Xavier Farrés, partner and Business Development Director at Miebach Spain, will moderate the Spanish webinar and Julian Maasmann, Senior Principal and Consumer Goods leader at Miebach Germany, will do it within the English webinar.


The COVID-19 crisis, along with other megatrends such as climate change, resource scarcity or urbanization, has put supply chains around the world under extreme pressure and has placed them at the forefront of many companies' business models. Miebach Consulting has launched an updated edition of its study on the Consumer Goods sector to understand the trends that have emerged in the current context, with the participation of more than 400 companies located in 40 countries.

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The study has evidenced that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adapt to a new reality, having to transform their long-term strategies, advancing actions that they had not planned to carry out in the short term and, in short, modifying some of their priorities in terms of digitalization, sustainability or automation, for example.


During the webinar we will present which aspects of the supply chain are most affected by the pandemic for the Consumer Goods sector, what are the main challenges for companies today, the relevance of digitization or the strategy towards sustainability and how it has changed compared to the previous edition of the study, etc.



The full report of the results of the study can be requested from March the 4th through this link.



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