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Orian Ltd., a partner of DB Schenker, is a leader in international freight forwarding, customs clearance, and logistics services in Israel and facing huge growth in their business. One strategic project for Orian as a result of development and growth in the northern region of Israel, is a new logistic campus which includes a distribution hub, a standard and a deep freeze warehouse.


This location is prime due to the proximity to primary roads in the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Israel. There are currently no significant third-party-logistic facilities in the area and none with a deep freeze warehouse. The new campus in Kiryat Ata will provide additional benefit for conventional warehouse clients, as the location for a national hub enables daily distribution capabilities to every corner of Israel.


With this multi-client site Orian will be able to offer the market over 28,000 pallet locations and 65 loading docks that can accommodate various sizes of trucks. First contracts are already signed with different clients.


The highlight of the campus is going to be a fully automated deep freeze warehouse. It has a capacity for more than 12,000 pallet locations in a 40m highbay warehouse. The pallet transport from receiving to the automated highbay storage, order fulfilment and shipping areas is fully automated. Depending on the customer needs, Orian can provide the flexibility in service for storage capacity, order fulfilment and different temperature requirements. The high degree of automation addresses the labor bottleneck that has become a key driver for further automation in Israel and allows operations 24/7.


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Miebach Consulting supports Orian from strategic planning to implementation

Miebach Consulting has supported this strategic project starting from the first design and will continue until the grand opening in 2022. Additionally, Orian has partnered with Miebach for further joint projects which are already ongoing, from concept design through awarding and implementation. Automation will play a key role in these projects as well as new logistic technologies.


Tim Hartwig, project manager, Miebach Consulting remarked,


Despite the long lasting difficulties, COVID restrictions did not impact the project execution, beginning with concept design, tendering and now detail engineering. It was great to see that regardless of the complexity of multiple partners and countries involved in the project, we have established a familiar environment with a great team chemistry in order to execute this landmark project for Orian."


Yael Kowalski, project manager, ORIAN said:

Orian is a 3PL company, therefore the main objective of the project was to maximize the business potential from the given area and as quickly as possible, this is the reason for three buildings with a different purpose on the site. Thanks to the support of the Miebach team from every angle of the project, engineering, commercial and project management, I can say with confidence that apart from realizing the potential of the site, it will be able to provide massive logistical throughputs over the years."


The construction of all three buildings is already in progress. The ambient warehouse and Hub are already well underway, and ground has recently been broken for the Deep Freeze warehouse.




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