Miebach Consulting

Social and ecological responsibility 



A new standard for sustainability


Our Center of Excellence for Sustainability puts sustainability at the core of our business, from reducing global emissions to building healthier communities. 


Our vision? To become a global driver of social and ecological change by 2024.

Our programs and initiatives

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability


We’re building a greener future from travel to office space. With the introduction of hybrid meetings and reductions in non-essential travel and office consumption, we’re on track to reduce our emissions around the globe.



Social Sustainability

Social sustainability


We’re driving social transformation from our team to our community. From promoting a healthier workforce to enabling a range of social projects and initiatives, we’re leveling up our social impact from the inside out.



Global Commitment

A global commitment


One Miebach is united in our commitment to sustainability, establishing global strategies for success and supporting regional implementation through designated sustainability officers.



Catalyst Change

A catalyst for change


We believe diverse teams create more diverse and forward-thinking supply chain solutions. That’s why we strive to reflect our surrounding communities across every aspect of our organization, from our staff to our clients.