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Going Hand in Hand:
Supply Chain and
Real Estate


Episode 3

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The alliance of real estate and supply chain is a lot more valuable than you might think. A combination that, up until now, has been underutilized by industry experts.  


Thankfully, that is all changing as more supply chain companies realize the value in buildings and other real estate options.  


Creating an even more transparent process while filling in the gaps for labor requirements. 


Sophie James, Senior Consultant at Miebach Consulting, and Kate Jones, Business Development Director, Industrial & Logistics at JLL, join Ellen this week to discuss how real estate and supply chain are finally coming together.  

When we get the chance to explain how this benefits the client, it makes complete sense. There isn’t a real offering elsewhere on the market for this joint alliance. It's saving time, effort and money by having more transparency earlier on in the process.”

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